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Our patented technology, PROTĒAN®, is a revolutionary platform for producing sustainable additive and barrier coating formulations for water, oil and grease resistance.

This platform technology can be formulated to provide eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions for commercial replacement of legacy materials such as plastic coatings and fluorochemicals.

We are passionate about pioneering the creation of sustainable paper-based solutions that are safe, effective and cost-efficient to eliminate persistent chemistries globally used by pulp, paper and packaging manufacturers and specialty chemical companies.


PROTĒAN® - A Revolutionary Platform

The platform technology has allowed us to explore options that can serve as a wet-end additive or as a barrier coating. We have also developed formulations that serve as emulsifying agents for chemistries that might have blocking issues.

We have worked independently for years to introduce this versatile technology through pilot and commercial trials. The non-toxic formulations are compatible with existing paper mill and converting operations. Moreover, the plant-based derivative is FDA-approved for food contact and compostable.