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PROTĒAN™ is currently available in two formulations:


A perfect match for applications that require substantial water-resistance and a high level of temporary wet strength. PROTĒAN™ can help paper-based products achieve water-resistance that is comparable to bio-plastics with a lower overall product coat weight, supporting enhanced sustainability.

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Ideal for multiple applications that require paper-based packaging to have very high oil- and grease-resistance. PROTĒAN™ can double the range of kit values when compared to existing fluorine-free alternatives and maintains dry strength.

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PROTĒAN™ can be used with virtually any application that requires the base paper to be water-, oil- or grease-resistant. Its formulation can be easily customized for different uses without compromising product performance. HS Manufacturing Group’s experts work closely with customers to identify the best formulation and application process based on each product’s unique characteristics.


Food Service

Household Goods

Oil Spill Management


Retail Bags

Our Technology

PROTĒAN™ is a unique, scalable technology platform that offers a viable alternative to the polymers, fluorocarbons and resins currently used with paper-based packaging. In addition to delivering robust sustainability benefits, PROTĒAN™ can be seamlessly integrated into existing operations, offers excellent product convertibility and printability and is non-toxic.

100% Recyclable

100% Biodegradable




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