The Seeds of a Revolution

HS Manufacturing Group was born out of the shared vision to reduce the dependency on plastic-coated paper products. The mission eventually expanded to include finding all-encompassing alternatives for silicone and fluorochemical treated paper-products. The primary source of motivation was the large amount of waste generated from single-use paper products.

As the population continues to grow, so does the dependency on convenient plastic-coated paper products and food service items with fluorochemical treated packaging. This trend is only worsened by the fact that much of the waste that consumers produce is not recyclable and will not biodegrade within our lifetime. Many companies have already taken notice and introduced compostable packaging options, but again these items require special high-temperature conditions to compost.

Armed with skills in chemistry, patent and IP development experience, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, the team set out to develop a barrier coating technology platform that would deliver the critical water-, oil- and grease-resistance that manufacturers needed while also setting new standards for sustainability. The team wanted to create an environmentally-safe and non-toxic alternative that they knew would be the first of its kind.

Branching Out

After working through the initial phases of research and development, the HS Manufacturing Group team recognized that paper industry expertise would be critical to ensure the technology would integrate seamlessly with commercial mill manufacturing processes. HSMG™ formalized a partnership with the University of Maine, a research university renowned for its specialization in the pulp and paper industries. This collaboration yielded the PROTĒAN™ technology platform.

A Viable Alternative

PROTĒAN™ is formulated from a plant-based derivative and can be used as an additive or barrier coating. Customizable for a wide range of applications, PROTĒAN™ allowed the team to have a cost-effective, adaptable and scalable solution for manufacturers seeking an alternative to legacy coating solutions. With several changes in demand over the last decade, the paper industry has been forced to find new ways to change their existing offerings. The team at HS Manufacturing Group was successfully able to meet the demands of manufacturers, environmental groups and consumers through the introduction of its eco-friendly PROTEAN™.

Bearing Fruit

PROTEAN™ has been successfully tested and used for several applications. Since it is FDA approved for food contact, the team finally has a barrier coating proposal to serve as an alternative for legacy technologies used in the single-use paper-based packaging industry.

Going to Market

HS Manufacturing Group will continue to revolutionize the paper, pulp and chemical industries. Supported by the successes of multiple pilot and commercial trials, we are taking our proprietary technologies to the global market and delivering organic solutions to the problem of plastics and harmful chemicals in our daily lives. In addition to partnering with global paper packaging and chemical formulation companies, we have expanded into Asia through strategic partnerships with SMGH Pte Ltd. and HSMG Trading Company Limited. These companies work exclusively with our team in USA for research and development projects that prioritize the formulations of HSMG™ proprietary chemicals and procurement of bio-based materials. This allows us to promote the advancement and deployment of environmentally sustainable materials and practices worldwide including the replacement of fossil-based technologies and harmful PFAS in paper products.

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