Technology Overview

The PROTĒAN™ technology platform is a plant derivative that can replace legacy coating technologies and provide sustainability credentials to multiple single-use paper products. PROTĒAN™’s unique formula becomes interlaced in the paper matrix, lending significant strength properties to the base paper and facilitating recyclability. It is free of plastic and bio-plastics, does not contain any type of polylactic acid or starch and does not use fluorocarbons or bio-waxes.

Cellulose based materials are known for their high thermal stability, good oxygen barrier function, chemical and mechanical resilience, ability to fully biodegrade and non-toxic nature. These characteristics make cellulose and its derivatives the material of choice for environmentally friendly packaging and food service applications and single-use disposable goods. However, a key challenge of the format for these sectors is its hydrophilicity and many of the available coating solutions that can be used to add water-resistant properties to cellulose based materials, including fossil-fuel based resins and polymers, are environmentally unfriendly.

PROTĒAN™ is a versatile technology that is scalable to achieve multiple levels of water-, grease- and oil-resistance while keeping the materials recyclable, biodegradable and compostable under normal conditions. It contains no volatile compounds, delivers a small green footprint and is an easy, drop-in solution that can be used by all commercial mills without a large capital investment.


PROTĒAN™ distinguishes itself from competitive technologies in four key ways:

New Standard for Sustainability

With its origins as a natural and renewable resource, its lack of fluorochemicals, polymers, silicone and bio-waxes, PROTĒAN™ helps manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint without compromising product performance. Its characteristics also resonate with today’s increasingly environmentally-conscious consumers who are seeking plastic-free packaging alternatives and are looking to reduce waste.

Manufacturing Efficiency

Adopting PROTĒAN™ couldn’t be easier. The technology can be seamlessly plugged into most existing paper mill coating and converting operations without significant modifications to machinery. This includes curtain coating, size press coating and rod coating operations. In comparison to competitive technologies, PROTĒAN™ can run up to 20% faster and dries quickly, allowing manufacturers to produce more product in less time. PROTĒAN™ also offers an excellent surface for printability and is flexible for product convertibility.


PROTĒAN™ isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Currently available in two formulations – water-resistant and oil- and grease-resistant – PROTĒAN™ can be easily customized for many different applications. Whether used as an additive or a coating, PROTĒAN™ will deliver the performance you need to project an image of quality to consumers and help protect brand integrity and equity. PROTĒAN™ can also be used as an emulsifier by adding it to binders to make paper-based products grease- and oil-resistant. PROTĒAN™ also has great potential for new chemistry to be developed.


PROTĒAN™ is FDA approved for food contact, meets several Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) notices and is non-toxic. It contains zero plasticizers, BPA or fluorocarbons.

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