PROTĒAN™ Grease Barrier

Innovative Alternative

PROTĒAN™’s unique formula offers double the range of 3M kit values when compared to existing fluorine-free alternatives. The grease barrier properties allow the paper-based packaging to maintain dry strength while allowing the coating to run 20% faster than alternative options. PROTĒAN™ delivers impressive grease-resistance properties to paper with a lower overall coat weight.

Check out the video below to see PROTĒAN™ in action:

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100% Recyclable

100% Biodegradable




What Sets PROTĒAN™ Apart

PROTĒAN™ stands out from competitive legacy
technologies in four key areas:


Derived from natural and renewable resources


100% Recyclable

Free of fluorochemicals, waxes, silicone and bio-plastics

100% Biodegradable

Coated paper is re-pulpable


Compatible with existing paper mill coating and converting operations

Excellent mill runnability, product convertibility and printability

Runs up to 20% faster than some competitive technologies

Coats and dries quickly


Available in a full spectrum of 3M kit values (3-12)


Suitable for hot and cold products

Suitable as an emulsion for other coating agents

Can be used as an additive or a barrier coating

Available as a full or a spot application

Can be applied on one or both sides of paper

Compatible with bleached or unbleached papers

Coating can be applied before or after printing


Meets specifications described in Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) notice GRN 514

Fulfills requirements for ASTM 6400 and 6868; CAN/BNQ 0017-008; ISO 17088 and 16929; and EN 13432

FDA approved under 21 CFR 175 - 186



PROTĒAN™ is ideal for multiple applications that require paper-based packaging to have very high oil- and grease-resistance. PROTĒAN™ is a versatile and flexible technology that can be easily customized for different applications without compromising performance. We invite you to explore new applications and opportunities for PROTĒAN™ through co-development with our team.

Current applications include:

Bags (shopping, compost and food)

Butcher wrap

Food containers (hot and cold)

French fry containers

Pizza boxes

Sandwich and deli wraps

Tray liners

Wax line containers and wrappers

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