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New York, NY – Greentech Global Pte. Ltd.™, operating as HSMG® LLC, a company that develops and licenses additive and barrier coating technologies, has received the Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its first patent application.

This invention titled “Methods of Biobased Derivatization of Cellulosic Surfaces” covers techniques to provide cellulose-based materials with biobased additive and barrier coating formulations to provide water and lipid resistance. These formulations consist essentially of a saccharide fatty acid ester (SFAE) and the materials are FDA- approved for food contact creating a safe alternative for manufacturers looking to replace plastic coatings and fluorochemicals. The company expects the patent number to be provided by USPTO within a few weeks.

“Our first patent shares the potential of our original technology with the pulp, paper and packaging manufacturers who are looking for a truly green alternative to the fossil fuel based legacy technologies still being used today,” said Samuel Mikail, Founder and Chairman, HSMG. “Through this patent we are able to secure the foundation for the PROTĒAN platform where we will continue to invest and develop new solutions that are able to meet the demands of manufacturers, environmental groups and consumers alike,” he said.

With a team of in-house experts, patented technology and know-how, HSMG offers a sustainable and commercially viable alternatives to plastic-coated paper products and food service items that are treated with fluorochemicals. Companies around the globe are working with HSMG to adopt and implement HSMG formulations to achieve their sustainability goals.


HSMG® LLC is the eco-tech operation of Greentech Global Pte. Ltd.™. We develop and license our patented additive and barrier coating platform technology, PROTĒAN®, to pulp, paper and packaging manufacturers. We also work with specialty chemical companies for them to become a part of the solution. The formulations are offered as a water-resistant or oil and grease-resistant alternative to plastic coatings and fluorochemicals in a broad range of cellulose-based single use products. PROTĒAN is FDA-approved for food contact and BPI Certified for composting. Formulations made with this platform technology can be recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. To learn more, please visit:


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